Smoked Pork and Bison Bratwurst

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The Perfect Smoked Brat

Delicate smoke with a balanced blend of all natural bison and pork gives this hormone free bratwurst a rich and strong flavor. Made with all natural ingredients, you get the smoky flavor without the soot of the firepit. Perfect for tonight’s dinner.

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The Perfect Smoked Brat

Reminiscent of sitting by the campfire cooking your brat on a stick, these smoky all natural bison and pork bratwursts give you that unmatched smoky flavor in minutes. Whether on the grill or in the kitchen, you can have that perfect smoked brat on any weeknight without the hassle of the smoker. With every bite you’ll be glad to know you are eating only the best smoked bratwurst.

This sausage is filled with lean, antibiotic and hormone free bison and pork. Spices like paprika, organic garlic, celery powder, and sea salt keep the ingredients clean, but the flavor powerful. This is the bratwurst for those who are wanting a hearty sausage, but appreciate the subtle flavors the bison and delicate smoke offer.

Cleam meat is the better option. As you fire up the grill you can reserve your worries to other party details because you won’t need to worry about what nitrates or nitrites are in your bratwursts. Good thing they come in large quantities. You can order a 10lb case (40 x 4oz) for the next party, or the 10oz pack (4 x 2.5oz) for dinner. Everyone will be coming back for seconds of the perfect smoked brat.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 1.25 in

10lb, 10oz, 12oz

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