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Firing up Charcutnuvo products is the healthier way to celebrate National Hot Dog Month. We are featuring a hot dog sampler this month, just so you can make sure you are finding your favorite dog for the grill. In fact if you’d like to try a different sausage every day of July, we at Charcutnuvo could offer you that kind of variety.


Organic All Beef Franks:  (2)   It’s game time, and it’s grass fed. Kids love these organic franks, and of course moms and dads too. Lean and clean, serve organic franks at neighborhood grill outs and game time tail-gating. You will know they are antibiotic and hormone free organic dogs, everyone else will know they are delicious.


Bison Wieners:  (2)   Wild Game Bison Wieners- Fully Cooked and Smoked. Wieners taken to the next level. Strong flavor packed with protein. Contains hints of mustard and black pepper. Can be eaten as a hotdog or center-of-plate treat.

NOTE: This product is gluten free and milk free.


Organic Mac N Cheese:   Kid Tested. Mom Approved. An organic hotdog containing organic grass-fed beef, organic pork, succulent chunks of white cheddar, and whole organic macaroni noodles makes this uncured furter the one both moms and kids reach for. It’s as much about what’s not in there as what is. No nitrates, nitrites, GMOs, or added sugar gives this all natural hotdog the mom stamp of approval.


Organic Mini Franks:  An all natural, organic mini beef frank that doesn’t skimp on flavor. Made from organic grass-fed beef, these small sausages are packed with nutrients and flavor. Though they are .5oz per frank, they are still made with all organic ingredients and organic beef. The ultimate party food.


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