Eric's Favorites Sampler

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Our CEO Eric, has picked out his favorite combination of Charcutnuvo products for a sampler package you won’t want to miss. Aptly named Eric’s Favorite Set, the bundle has six delicious sausages to get you familiar with Charcutnuvo’s wide range of options. Only available for a limited time!



CharcutNuvo is Pronounced:

Shar – Koot (short for Charcuterie*)
New-Vo (a play on the French word for NEW)

Everyday we aspire to create the best tasting sausage for you to enjoy with your family and friends.Carefully crafted flavors, pure and simple ingredients, and conscientiously sourced HEALTHIER meats not only create better taste, but an honest indulgence that will change how you think about sausage.

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